Thursday, February 21, 2008

Planner Pages : FlyLady Control Journal

I'm moving full steam ahead with my day planner, adding an item or so per day. So far, it has not become overwhelming at all. I am so grateful to Donna Partow for getting me started through her study: Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be.

Today, I decided to incorporate some home management tools I have used in the past into my new planner. Many of you probably already know about FlyLady. She has a GREAT website with fabulous tools to help those of us who are organizationally challenged get our lives in order. One tool she offers is a "control journal." It breaks down household obligations/chores into daily activities, reserving a specific day each week to tackle recurring tasks and reminding us what things need to be done daily.
Her plan is extremely useful, so I decided to format this list to fit my planner. Since I went to all the trouble to put it together, I thought I'd share it with others who can use it here.

Control Journal 5.5 x 8.5 **sorry, link doesn't work anymore. I'll post it somewhere else and re-link soon**

Set it up to print by telling your printer you want to print two pages per sheet after clicking the "properties" button before you actually print the page. Also, tell it to print two-sided. The pages look out of order in my pdf document, but when you print two to a page, two-sided, you'll cut each page in half and they'll be set up perfectly, beginning with the Monday routine on the front page and finishing with the Weekly Checklist on the back. I put it behind my tab marked "daily" in my planner.

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